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Youtube videos
Lecture 1, 1st hour (Pythagorean triples)
Lecture 2 (Rationality of numbers)
Lecture 3, 1st hour
Lecture 3, 2nd hour
Lecture 4 (Congruences, infinitude of primes)
Lecture 5, 1st hour
Lecture 5, 2nd hour
Lecture 6 (3^1001 mod 100, 2^1001 mod 100)
Lecture 7, 1st hour (testing for compositeness using FLT, fast computation of a^k mod n)
Lecture 7, 2nd hour (divisibility criteria, extracting roots mod n; recording is not complete because the memory card got full)
Lecture 8
Lecture 9, 1st hour (a polynomial congruence of degree n has at most n solutions modulo a prime)
Lecture 9, 2nd hour (order of element mod p, how many elements of a given order are there mod p)
Lecture 10 (primitive element theorem)
Lecture 11, 1st hour
Lecture 11, 2nd hour
Lecture 12
Lecture 13
Lecture 14, 1st hour
Lecture 14, 2nd hour
Lecture 15
Lecture 16, 1st hour
Lecture 16, 2nd hour
Lecture 17
Lecture 18 1st hour
Lecture 18 2nd hour
Lecture 19
Lecture 20, 1st hour
Lecture 20, 2nd hour
Lecture 21
Lecture 22, 1st hour
Lecture 22, 2nd hour

For some reason some of the videos appear to be in slow motion after I upload them to youtube (at least on my computer). The original files are fine however. Send me an e-mail if you need them.